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An interest only investment mortgage is actually a very common choice for an investment property or a second property where it is ok that the balance won’t decrease over time. With an interest only mortgage your monthly payments are just that – interest which means you will still owe as much at the end of the term as you do at the start.

This is generally suitable for people that are purchasing investment properties and that are looking to keep their repayments low.

Our Investment Property Loan Process

Initial Meeting

Understanding You

During our initial meeting, we work with you to understand your current financial situation and help you to assess your best option on investment property loans.



We will request further information about your financials to ensure that we can be as accurate as possible on your best options.


Your Tailored Options

We will narrow down your options to 3-4 lenders. From there we will meet to discuss the pros and cons to all options and assist you selecting the most suitable one for your situation.



We take over from here and ensure that your file is lodged promptly



We will keep you updated every step of the way and let you know when you loan has been approved. Consequently, we walk you through the loan documents to ensure you have our support to answer any inquiry that you may have

Settlement & Ongoing Support


Once your loan is settled we will meet again to make sure that all your accounts are linked and activated according to the initial structure put in place for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The interest only period can vary generally from 1 to 5 years. After that period has ended the loan will revert to a principal and interest repayment. In some cases the lender will give you an extended interest only period or we have the option of taking the loan to a new lender that will give you an interest only period as long as this does not put you in a position where you are worse off.

Depending on your loan specification, most banks will allow you to make extra repayments when your rate is variable. If your loan is fixed you may be limited to amount of extra repayments you can make.

Yes, interest only investment loans are assessed differently to owner occupied loans. Interest rates are higher meaning that over the term of the loan the amount of interest will be more.

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