Construction Loans
Whether you are renovating, building your dream home or building an investment property, securing the funds to complete your project with peace is key!


Ongoing Support during construction!

We provide loan solutions for buying land, building new homes, purchasing off the plan house and land packages but more importantly we help you navigate through your application, construction, repayment and draw down stages; whether it is an owner occupied or investment. We are here to help you on this exciting journey.

For construction loans we will handle all your construction draw down payments facilitating this process and holding your hand until final stage of your project.

Our Construction Loan Process

Initial Meeting

Understanding You

During our initial meeting, we work with you to understand your current financial situation and help you to assess your best options for your construction loan.



We will request further information about your financials to ensure that we can be as accurate as possible on your on your best options.


Your Tailored Options

We will narrow down your options to 3-4 lenders. From there we will meet to discuss the pros and cons to all options and assist you selecting the most suitable one for your situation.



We take over from here and ensure that your file is lodged promptly



We will keep you updated every step of the way and let you know when you loan has been approved. Consequently, we walk you through the loan documents to ensure you have our support to answer any inquiry that you may have

Settlement & Ongoing Support


Once your loan is settled we will meet again to make sure that all your accounts are linked and activated according to the initial structure put in place for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

A construction loan is one you might apply for if you were looking to build a new home or make some major structural changes to your existing home.

With construction loans, payments are made to the builder as project construction progresses; these payments are drawn down in chunks and instalments (referred to as progressive payments) . Progressive payments take place at frame, slab, lock-up, fixing & completion stages where initially approved loan amount is drawn in full at settlement.

Once the construction loan is approved, your bank will be able to make payments to your builder after completing each stage of the construction. As the draw down payment to the builder begins you will start to pay interest.

Absolutely! with a fixed price contract there will be no surprises. The price of your build is locked in so you know the exact budget you are building with.

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