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Helping your get the right home loan the first time around

We take great pride in helping you through this journey, whether it’s arranging a pre-approval for you or helping you to put an offer forward right through to applying for the mortgage and getting your approval smoothly and quickly, we can do it all for you so you can focus on choosing the right property. When you are buying your first home it is essential that you budget accordingly. We always recommend that you come and talk to us in the initial stage, this way we can work out your borrowing capacity and make sure all extra costs and bills are catered for so you can go out safely in the knowledge that you can afford whatever property you look at.

Our First Home Buyer Process

Initial Meeting

Understanding You

During our initial meeting, we strive to understand your current financial situation and help you to assess your suitability for entering the property market based on your current circumstances.


Detailed Financials

We will request further information about your financials to ensure that we can be as accurate as possible on what you can borrow.


Your Tailored Options

We will narrow it down to 3 to 4 lender options. From there we will meet to discuss the pros and cons to all three options and pick the most suitable one.


Loan Application

We will submit your loan application, process all required documents and gain pre-approval from your chosen lender so you can confidently begin your house hunting

Your New Home


We will support you as you shop for your first home and will make sure you don't stray from pre-approval or overstretch your finances to purchase your first property


Finalizing Purchase

Once your offer is accepted, we will work with you to ensure that you settle on time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

That is a tricky one, it all depends on your income and outgoings as well as your family situation. We help matching you with lender product and service that is right for you

Mortgage brokers have a number of different lenders that offer hundreds of different loan products on their panel, brokers are obliged to provide products that are in your best interest, offering a minimum of three lenders to choose from. Banks are limited to offering you their products and cannot go outside their lending policies and product features.

We do not charge an upfront fee, the lender that you select will pay us an upfront commission for introducing a new applicant and a trail commission for the life of the loan. Both upfront and trail commission will be disclosed to you in our product recommendation as part of our process and obligation.

Using our expertise and relying on our diversified portfolio of lenders we will be able to tell you from the initial stage whether a solution can be tailor made for you within 24–72 hours. We endeavour to present you with mortgage options and best solutions for your individual circumstances saving you hours of research and potentially thousands of dollars by going to the wrong lender.

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